A Day in the Life, in My Dreams

Ok, lately I have been having these little dreams, but last night it was a more normal dream. Last night I dreamed that I lived in an apartment that looked a gym. It was the size of a gym, like the one in the picture below.


The floors were just like this gym except there were no lines, or markings. The hard wood floors and walls were the color of butterscotch so everything had a warm yellow hue. Now looking at this picture above, where the goal is, in my dream that was a large black door. There were 2 sheer curtains one on each side of the apartment making 3 sections with a hallway to the door. Everything was separated by sheer curtains. On each side of the room there was a bedroom, bathroom, and living room. There was a kitchen at the end that stretched out the length of the room. I couldn’t find any pictures on the internet so I drew what it looked like.


My roommate was a tall thin strawberry blonde, with shoulder length hair and milky white skin. She had left for work. I went to her side of the apartment and started going through her dresser pulling out clothes and throwing them in the air and floor. They were all sheer beautiful fabrics. My roommate came in and said, “stop going through my things”. I knew it was wrong, I’m not sure why I was doing it, I said, “ok” and grabbed my purse and went to work.

I worked in a bank. All tellers (I was a teller) sat at a long table. The cold room had furniture that was like a classroom with short gray carpet. In front of the table of tellers was a half circle table where all the bank managers sat. The room had gray walls and was dark and there was a spotlight in the middle of the room between the managers and tellers. Everyone wore black, black suits, black dress suits, black pant suites. All the women were conservatively dressed, no cleavage showing, the necks of the dresses and tops were high. A couple women wore short large pearl necklaces with hints of gold. I was a teller, so I was sitting at the table, a lady came up to me and handed me her card and said “there’s nothing in there, it won’t give me any money.” I said, “Then you have no money.” She looked at me and said, “No, there’s money in there, it just says there isn’t.” I took the card and asked the lady to follow me. Directly behind me was a large white staircase that curved up.


As I walked up the stairs, there were desks along the way. So on the second step I looked to the right and there was a desk facing me. All along the stairs there were desks so you could stop on the stairs and get help.


So I stopped at the third desk and gave the lady her card and said, “It’s not working.” She took the card and punched in some numbers on a calculator (there was no computer) She ripped off a piece of tape from the calculator and handed it to me. “This is the balance”. I handed it to the lady and the numbers were $20,324,583. (I don’t know how I remembered that number I didn’t see any cents).

By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, the managers were all whispering to each other. One of the tellers wore a pink flowing sun dress like this one:

pink dress

Every time she had a customer, as soon as the customer went away the teller walked up the stairs to the white platform at the top.  There was an ATM machine at the top and she would go to it then back to her seat at the table. The managers were whispering because they had suspicion that she was stealing.

As this went on, I walked up the stairs to the platform. When I got there the wall at the end was an archway that lead outside. There was no furniture, just the large archways.


As I went through the archway the platform continued. I sat on the edge with my legs dangling off the side. I was about 100 feet up.  and in the distance there was a stadium and the sun was setting behind it. The sky was blue for peach and pink clouds. I heard someone. When I looked over there was a large flower cart that someone was rolling toward me. They were not ready made bouquets, it was a cart  of flowers like flowers at Michael’s where you choose the flowers and arrange them yourself. I reached up and started choosing flowers. All the flowers I chose were long flowers, and they were red roses, white carnations and blue delphinium perennial flowers. I began arranging the flowers in a large white distressed flower pot.

planterAs I arranged the flowers and the sun went down, I crossed my ankles and took a deep breath.

That was it. My husband woke me up.

Pictures I used:

Gym, staircase,   pink dress, archway  white distressed flower pot

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