I had 2 dreams last night. I’m having trouble remembering the first one, but the second one goes like this.

My sister was shot by a friend who broke into our house. I went upstairs to tell my parents and my dad didn’t believe me he said she was alright.

In this dream, my sister had the face of my youngest daughter. The person who shot her in the side seemed very angry and looked like an extremely overweight bald guy with no shirt. It was raining and was about 11pm and there was lightening. The “friend” was wet. I saw the hole in my sister’s side, it was black and there were powder burns on her shirt.  When I went upstairs my dad had the face of my husband and he had been beaten up. His right eye was swollen shut and it was purple and his top lip was busted with a huge cut that was open an bleeding, and he was wet too like he had been outside. I had the feeling he got beat up by the friend down stairs with the gun. My mom was just a woman, she looked like a stranger, no one I knew, but she had long dark hair and was wearing a nighty that was way too young for her.  My dad was trying to calm me down to no avail.

In my mind I knew my sister was fine. It looked like a bad wound, but she didn’t seem hurt.

Earlier yesterday I went to the doctor and I was told I needed to go for some tests. Maybe that was reflected in my dream. (My sister being hurt, but knowing she was fine)???

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