Growing An Avocado In Spring/Summer 2021 (Part 1)

In my last post we talked about how to decide what to grow and as you can tell by the pictures in this post, I used whatever I could get my hands on to plant in. I used sour cream cups, see-through containers from the deli department at the grocery store and condiment cups. When planting and using potting mix, it is important to make sure there are enough holes in the bottom of the container to allow for drainage.
In this post I will tell you about the avocado seed I have grown into a beautiful plant that thrives on water. I use purified or distilled water, both are safe to drink and I prefer them to tap water which contains chlorine. That will change in the future when we get well water.
I started this avocado from an organic avocado I got from the grocery store. We had guacamole and I remembered the avocado I grew into a plant when I lived in southeastern North Carolina and decided to do it again.
The first thing I did was to wash the seed and set it up to dry. I just placed it on the countertop. After a few days the seed began to wrinkle. No alarm there, it was just the skin of the avocado drying so I just peeled it off. If you skip this step and decide not to peel it off, just know it will grow mold and the water will be murky and gray and a bit slimy on the roots when they begin to grow. You can then place the seed in a damp napkin in a zip lock bag and put it away. I tossed mine in the hallway closet for a few weeks. When I remembered it, it had a large crack down the side. Again, no alarm, it usually does that to start the root. I then placed the avocado on the lid of a glass. The seed was so small it fell in, so I cut out a space in a condiment cap and it held the seed, allowing the bottom of the avocado to sit in the water. I checked my calendar and from the time I put the avocado in the zip lock bag to the time I put it in water it was a month.

The first picture is when I decided to put the little guy in a vase of water. The 2nd picture was taken April 19, 2021 and as you can see there is a large crack down the side. The 3rd picture was taken June 10, 2021 when I noticed a stem protruding out of the seed and little roots coming out of the bottom. The 4th 5th and 6th pictures were taken between July and August and shows the over all growth of the beautiful plant.
I keep the glass totally full and touching the bottom of the seed. Avocados love water. I will continue to update as long as my avocado is growing and thriving.
Stay tuned for more growth.

Have you ever grown an avocado? Did you eventually plant it in soil? Let me know in the comments below.

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