Our Tree for Christmas

This is not a post about how to pick out a tree or even how WE picked out our tree. I just wanted to show off a little, that’s all. 😁

Growing up with my mom and dad and 3 other siblings (me being the 2nd oldest) there wasn’t a lot of money so we had the same fake tree from the time I was maybe 8 until I moved out. And by the time I moved out it was skinny. You could see an entire person all the way through the tree. We also had the same ornaments and lights. Now that was a problem because there were only 3 bulbs that worked on the strand and they were neon orange, blue and yellow. All the Christmas colors had burned out and the bulbs were huge.

Since there were only 3 that were lit, we made sure those 3 bulbs were facing the window and spaced out enough so they were seen and so it looked like there were many.

As a single divorced mother of 3 we also had a fake tree and we loved it every year we had it. Now that I’m married and my kids are older, moved out and have their own places, I told my new husband I wanted a real tree. This is our first year being married and we moved in together the week after we got married so this is our very first Christmas together under one roof. He was happy to take me to pick one out.

He wanted to make sure it was snowing because where I come from in NC, we rarely get snow and I love snow.

I was excited!

So we picked one out and I was ecstatic!

My husband did a great job decorating the tree while I hooked the ornaments. We listened to Christmas music and enjoyed the easy night.

We love our tree.

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and gets your hearts desires this season. Enjoy your friends and family every chance you can.

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