Grow Green Onions in Water in Just 7 Days

I don’t know about you, but my family loves green onions, and we always seem to run out in between trips to the grocery store.  So today I’m going to show you how to grow your own green onions in just 7 days with only water and keep harvesting them for weeks to come.

Check out the video below, or skip down to continue reading.


The first thing you will need are onions.  Organic green onions will be best because they don’t have any pesticides on them and well, they are organic.

Next, you need to cut the tops off all the way down to the bulb.  I think it is best to do this to as many onions as you can.  I used the entire bag of green onions and just placed the green tops back in the refrigerator to use for the week while these were growing.  This way, as they grow, I will only cut what I need so the others can continue growing.  When I cut them, I left a little green on the bulb but you can cut it a little farther if you like.

Next, place the bulbs in a small leak-proof container.  I used the bottom of a water bottle and filled it half-way with filtered water.  Now place the onions in a sunny place and remember they like lots of water so keep that container full.

Grow onions in water and harvest in just 7 days
First day. Put cut onions in water and a sunny window sill

You will see growth over-night.  Below is how much growth my onions had over 1 night.


Grow onions in water in 7 days
Day 2, In less than 24 hours there is real growth and it is visible.


Below is the 3rd day.

Grow onions in water and harvest in 7 days
3 days of growth.
Grow green onions and harvest in 7 days or less
Day 4 of growth. Green onions love water so remember to feed them.
Grow green onions and harvest in 7 days or less
Day 5


On the evening of day 6 (no photo because I forgot to take one) I boiled 4 eggs to make potato salad and decided to cool the egg water and feed it to my onions and basil.  I’m glad I did because the shot up even taller.


Grow onions in water and harvest in 7 days or less
Day 7 the green onions are ready to be harvested.

I already cut some of these onions on day 6 because they were fairly long, and I needed them for a salad.

When you harvest your onions, only cut the older ones.  You will know which ones they are because they will be thicker, and some will be taller.  Cut them at the bottom just like when you started and they will continue to grow and you just continue to cut what you need while the others grow.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comment box below.

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