My Church Has Been Streaming Live March 22, 2020

Hi, there friends! I just wanted to send a message to everyone to let you know what we’re doing here in Pennsylvania during this time of social distancing.  Don’t worry this post is not going to be a downer, or negative in any way.  I really want to use my site to encourage and uplift people even during times when there are negative things going on in the world.

Most states have banned large groups congregating by now and I know as a Christian I love to be with other Christians.  So we are using our ipads, (Facetime, FaceBook Video, and other video apps) on our cell phones, and computers for Bible studies, group devotionals and even one-on-one prayer time.  Today I thought I would share what my church is doing for Sunday and Wednesday services during this time of social distancing.

My church is The Greater Philidelphia Church of Christ ( and my husband and I use to meet at the Chestnut Hill location in Philidelphia but the time of day that we were meeting made it hard to be there (4pm on Sunday), so now we are going to a different location closer to home, same church, just an earlier time and location.  We meet in smaller groups because we are so big. Anyway, here are some of the sermons from the last week since we have been homebound.

If you would like the notes to this service you can download the PDF HERE

Get ready to be encouraged

Did you enjoy this? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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