How Do You Get Settled Back Into Your Routine After Major Holidays?

Hey everyone, how busy have you been over the holidays?  Are you settling back into life as you know it? I can finally say I am.  I almost stopped writing completely because of all the sewing and fermenting I did leading up to the holidays.  I made several tops for my niece, and several dresses and nightgowns for my granddaughter and was in North Carolina visiting family AND my granddaughter for Christmas and the New Year.

Even though we are out of town, we still read our Bible every morning and have our prayer time.


My granddaughter in her new jammies

Nightgown before it was hemmed

For Christmas, I gave out fermented foods to all my siblings (3 families) which included pickles, peppers, hot sauce, 18-hour bone broth and sauerkraut, all in handmade reusable grocery bags. (Pictures below with the Christmas tree, the bags are pink striped)


I couldn’t get enough of this child. I have so many pictures of her because she rarely smiles.  When I caught her, I took the shot.
This is her eternal look.  She is always so serious

We stayed at Native American Bible College in Shannon, NC.  They are so wonderful.







We also had some target practice out in the country on our friend’s land.




As soon as we got home in January, I was back to cooking and making jewelry.
















It takes time to settled back into our routines and it takes a lot of rest to get back to our lives.  But when we do, it’s wonderful to be home!

How much time does it take you to get back to your routines, or back on sleeping schedules? Do you remember your Bible when you are away from home?  Let me know in the comments below.


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