Week 10 Meal Plan

Each morning after my Bible time, I work out for about 20 minutes, sometimes I wait until after lunch.  I am enjoying the exercise, but I have started something new to help me get healthy faster.  I am doing intermittent fasting.  I think it is important that you find what works for you.  Exercise and portion control alone may not work for everyone.  Actually, I think those two things will help me maintain my weight.  Since I want to lose weight, I have added intermittent fasting.  This means I am fasting 16-18 hours per day.  I finish dinner at 6 pm and don’t eat anything else until lunchtime the next day.  I drink lots of water and even drink coffee as long as there are no calories in it. (black coffee) I’m not really a breakfast eater so lunch is a perfect time to start eating for me.  Normally I only list my husband’s breakfast and lunch in the meal plan because I usually just snack during the day or have a salad for lunch.  This meal plan will be different because I will list only my eating habits since I am the one who needs to lose weight.


I have lost 4.4 pounds and I look like I’ve lost weight.  My t-shirts don’t cling to my stomach anymore.  Actually, you can’t see my stomach, before you could see the outline of my stomach.  I just feel better.  I will continue to update you.  I do believe the intermittent fasting has been the most helpful in losing those few pounds.  I used a book by Gabriel Jackson to get the information I needed you can read the review HERE

Here is the Week 10 Meal plan. Remember I stop eating by 7 pm and start eating again at noon or 1 pm.

Weekly Meal Plan Week 10

week 10

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