Update on My Weight Loss & Shocking Discovery (Weekly Meal Plan Included)

This week’s meal plan Week 9 Meal Plan


After getting married two years ago I noticed a slow but steady incline in my weight. Some people call it “happy pounds” because you’re so happy in life an indulge without restrictions, therefore making you gain weight. I think I can safely say this has been me. I’ve gained exactly 10 pounds over the last year.

We have been eating more veggies and less meat, and completely cut out sugar (even condiments) and almost no carbs or very few. Since doing this my husband has lost 10 pounds, I lost a few but slowly gained them back and I know why. Currently, I am writing a book and I also make jewelry so my life is pretty sedentary and my portion sizes when I eat are not what they should be and we haven’t gone to the gym in a few weeks because my husband is working weekends and staying late during the week. We have a membership to Planet Fitness but my husband is the member and I’m the guest. So I can’t go without him. Also, he’s a construction supervisor and builds malls, dealerships and such from the ground up which means he works in the heat and when he comes home he’s very tired. My husband is maintaining the weight loss, so he’s fine, I’m the one having the problem.

Also, let me say, I do cook every day, my house is always clean but again my life is sedentary and I have not incorporated exercise into my daily routine.

I have tried to walk 2,000 steps per day and that is a huge challenge. I know lots of you may be saying right now, “wow I walk 10,000 every day” and I understand that but I do not work outside my home, my kids are grown with their own lives and live in other states. I rarely leave my house.


The other day I decided to look up what a good weight would be for someone my age, height, and gender would be and I was shocked and completely horrified. I thought I was within 10 pounds of where I should be but I was wrong. I’m actually 30 pounds overweight! (I think it’s all in my midsection) I’m 45 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, and my weight is normally 163. I thought my target weight for someone like me was 157ish which means I was only about 5-6 pounds overweight but in reality, I should be closer to 137 pounds. Honestly, I think I’d be fine at 140 or 145. So I’m on a quest.

After finding this information I decided to weigh myself and start losing weight. I felt pretty good but my scales said I was 167, not 163! Another shocker! So I’ve gained even MORE weight! So here are my goals.

1. I’m already cooking healthy meals so my priority is to cut down on food portions and not overeat by listening to my body.
2. Start a daily exercise routine & increase my steps per day
3. Drink more water
4. Count calories and calories burned.
5. I will also post my beginning weight of this journey and that week ending weight and maybe a photo.
We’ll see.
6. TaiChi everyday Youtube video (9 minutes)
7. Intermittent fasting. This will be 16-18 hours of fasting (Including 8 hours of sleep time) to boost my immune system and help me lose more weight. I used this book for        information on fasting  Intermittent Fasting: Aggressive Fat Loss, Heal Your Body and Enjoy Your Life by Gabriel Jackson

This information will be included in my weekly meal plan. I have not posted in a couple of weeks mainly because we’ve been out of town on vacation and such but I think if I post this information it will help me keep myself accountable. I will also post any YouTube video links that I use for weight loss and photos of my meals.

I have to say, I started this journey the last week in July (2019) so I don’t have photos of those dinners.

Since I am at home all day I can take a walk in my neighborhood (the weather has been 95+, and I don’t do well in the heat) or I can walk and workout in my home and I believe the latter is what I’ll do.

If you have any suggestions of videos that will help me in this journey please let me know in the comments below. I will not be doing high impact or vigorous cardio because I’m not in my 20s anymore haha!

So far I  have search youtube for walking videos.  The ones I like and are listed below are predominantly walking videos but incorporate other exercises that I can do in my living room to maintain the heart rate of walking.  I chose them because they seemed easy to keep up with, yet presented a challenge. I usually only do one video per day but also do other things like walking in place or go up and down the stairs to our basement, jumping jacks, and lunges too.  I will say, my favorite workout that I’ve been doing is the 20-minute video listed below.

So far, here are the videos I’ve been watching.

9-minute TaiChi, my husband and I do this daily HERE

15-minute video by Holly Dolke   Here

20-minute video by Holly Dolke HERE

Week 9 Meal Plan

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