Weekly Meal Plan Week 6

Week6 Meal Plan

If you notice, we eat more squash, zucchini, corn, mushrooms and carrots than any other vegetable.  It is important to know that is OUR preference, it may not be yours.  You may like more broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, green beans, collards, or beans.  When you look at my meal plans you can substitute any vegetable with what you like instead.  You may start combining veggies and find something new. Also, you can choose dinners from week 1 and mix with weeks 3 & 4 and make your own menu.

Here is what we ate last week.  Week6 Meal Plan  My husband has maintained the weight loss as have I, I think we would’ve lost more but due to doctor appointments and working late We have missed a few days at the gym.  We are still eating lots of veggies and fruits and I believe that has allowed us to keep the weight off.

Below is a picture of what I pack for my husband for lunch when we don’t have leftovers.  Deli turkey, cheeses, fruit, and nuts.  This plate is a snack I made for when he comes home from work and we talk about our day.  I make his in a smaller version for his lunch.


Perfect Lunch: Deli turkey, cheeses, fruit and nuts

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