Losing Weight with the Mediterranean Diet (Free Meal Plan Week 2)

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Since I’ve started hearing about the different health issues experienced by my family and some friends I started to take a look at my own life and make some changes.  If you have been following my posts, or my blog you know that we changed our eating habits a little over a month ago.  I could say “I changed” but since I’m the one who makes the menus and cooks the food, not to mention does the shopping, my husband has been subject to this diet as well.

I have cut back on the portion size of meat on our plate and made up for it in veggies.  I also try to include soup or salad and sometimes both with each dinner.  The soup usually consists of sauteed veggies like carrots, broccoli, and fresh sliced mushrooms onion and garlic.  Adding 3 to 4 cups of chicken broth and it makes a nice soup.  I haven’t added herbs to the soups because the dinners usually have enough flavor.  For the salad, I try to add a bit of everything like cucumber, sliced red onion, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, and crumbled fetta cheese.  It is a great way to add more veggies to dinner.  My husband is a big guy so his plate is always full but with this diet, he has half the meat portion and we have 2 veggies on the plate (and soup and salad) So it is enough.  After dinner, we have a cup of berries for dessert, like strawberries and blueberries, or some blackberries and raspberries and a little whipped cream on top makes it a bit yummier.

About two weeks ago we started going to a gym 3 times a week.  Yesterday my husband got on the scale that is usually only used by me and realized he had lost 14 pounds.  He said his belt was easier to fasten and he just felt lighter so he had to check.  I have lost 6 pounds and I feel better in my clothes.  Now I have to say this is mainly due to the diet because when we work out, we are on the bicycle for 20 to 30 minutes burning about 100 calories, and then we lift weights that target back shoulders and arms.

Here is the menu I used last week.  These dinners are for 2 and I usually make enough for my husband to take to work the next day.  In the Mediterranean diet, it is recommended to eat a handful of nuts and berries each day and that is exactly what I try to do for my husband.  Our choice of drink is water and hibiscus tea or green tea.  Sometimes we drink the tea hot but usually, it is cold and with dinner.

One day out of the week we go off the diet and we have a bit of fun.  This could be steak fajita pockets or ordering a pizza (nothing greasy we don’t go crazy).  You will see that there are some dinners that we eat once a week, we can’t help it, we just love it.  I do try to move it along and try new and different things.  I have not cooked rice or couscous during these 3 weeks because I am trying to lose weight.  I hope you enjoy the weekly menu.

This is a PDF document of daily meals and recipes for one week.

Week2 Meal Plan


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