God Opens Doors, And Closes Them

  • One of my previous employers hired 2 women with the same first and last name, me and someone else.
  • After I left that job and began working for the state, while the other person continued on where she was. While I was at my new Job, the other person was fired and actually did 2 years of federal time. When I left the state job I applied for a position at The sheriffs office. They called my old job for my work history and Human Resources didn’t verify my social security number. She simply heard the name and remembered the other lady had been fired.
  • I was out of work for 6 months unable to get a job. It wasn’t until I started calling all the offices where I had applied and asked why they changed their mind about hiring me. Each one told me the same story, they were told I had been fired from a previous employer for embezzlement.
  • Devastated!!!!
  • I ask God to open doors and put me where he wanted me because everywhere I wanted to work closed their door in my face. My degree was in Criminal Justice and I applied everywhere!!
  • My last resort was a Temp agency who placed me with
  • The Native American Bible College and they did a correct background check. After 3 months the Bible College hired me. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know they played a big part in my life, and still do.
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