My Life Changing Moments in a Short Amount of Time

My family has gone through many changes and just about all of them were good. I thank God for everything that has happened in my life but this timeline is special.


  • Started working at Native American Bible College
  • Met my future husband and that year decided to date long distance to see if we were compatible. He lived in Pennsylvania and I lived in North Carolina
  • I Moved into a new house, better house for my family


  • Broke my finger
  • Took a motorcycle trip across the country with Dan for 3 weeks. From PA, to NC then to New Mexico and up to The Grand Canyon, Tetons, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park


  • My daughter graduated high school
  • My son graduated college
  • My daughter joined the Navy and went to boot camp several states away. (First time away from home)
  • I got engaged
  • My fiancé bought me a brand new car because I needed one
  • Our home land in NC flooded and we couldn’t live in our home for weeks.
  • My daughter was baptized


  • My son moved out to begin his new life at the beach, he was 24 at the time and my oldest child.
  • My youngest daughter graduated high school and got a promotion at work
  • I got married at the Bible College
  • Took the week after we got married to pack up my home to move in with my new husband
  • Moved in with my husband in Pennsylvania
  • Went on a 3 week honeymoon the month after we got married. We went back out west, this time we flew, First Class and rented a car while out there instead of taking the bike. He drove while I took pictures.
  • Only married 6 months, we spent our first Christmas as a married couple
  • Found out we were going to be grandparents


  • My daughter got married
  • I published my first book. A free eBook 40 Days of Focus on Godly Living
  • Finished the first draft of my first fiction book about my people the Lumbee.
  • Published several journals on Amazon
  • Started a blog reviewing books and movies here The Reviewers View
  • Started my second book ’40 Days of Focus on Prayer’
  • Read 85 books (This is a big deal for me! All novels, look me up / friend me on Goodreads)
  • Made a goal to read 100 books in 2019
  • Had our 1year wedding anniversary
  • Had our first grandchild
  • Found out we’re going to be grandparents again

I am So Blessed! It just keeps getting better, all because I stepped out of the way and let God control my life. He is Lord if my life, so why was I in control? Why was I being god of my own life?

I always had amazing plans for my life and I was accomplishing them, thinking it was because God was on my side. But I should’ve been on His side. I began to realized I was controlling my own life and God let me.

I thank God he didn’t allow me to destroy myself before I got wise.

When I let go of the control over my life and surrendered, God gave me the life he had planned for me and it is beyond my wildest dreams. I just hate that it took me so long, but we all have things to go through so God can prepare us to live the life he has planned for us.

It’s not over God is still blessing me.

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