Finished Doll Day 6

Good morning, I realize I could have finished this a lot sooner especially if I didn’t dedicate only an hour or so a day to this project. But I’d like to announce my doll has clothes so this makes her complete. Yea!!

I may do a tutorial on this but I would like to thank Karly from Paisley Roots for her Pepper Doll Pattern on Crazy Little Projects. In the end, just about everything I did in this project came from her Pattern. I looked at many things for her neck, like a cape, or bonnet. I went back to Karly’s project because it would be the fastest to complete. Get her Pattern Here So I crocheted a scarf that only took 5 minutes. A cape would have to be hemmed and doing it be hand takes a while.

Now that I’m done and she has clothes. I can concentrate on accessories an more clothes. I’ll make more dolls for all the little girls popping up in my life. (But my Own Pattern) and maybe I’ll make a tutorial and video it for YouTube including some do’s and don’ts. I hope you enjoyed this ride-a-long.

Have a blessed New Year

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