National Parks on our Honeymoon

When we got married in 2017 I lived in NC and my husband lived in PA. Our wedding was in NC and we spent that week packing my house up to move to PA.

After getting me settled into his apartment now “our” home, we went on our honeymoon in July, which was the month we became a couple and considered it our Anniversary.

For our honeymoon, we went out west to Utah, Montana, Idaho and stopped at all the National Parks like Zion, The Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. Here’s a couple of short videos from our honeymoon.

See Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone. July 2017

Quiet stream in Yellowstone National Park

Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir in the Grand Tetons National Park

More of the Jackson Reservoir

4th of July Fireworks at Utah State University

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