A Little Crochet for Christmas

Everybody’s having a baby!  We just had a baby born in our family about 5 months ago, a little girl, and we have two more coming in January; a boy and a girl.  So I have set out to making baby blankets for Christmas.  I posted the pink, yellow and white blanket for our most recent family member over 5 months ago so I wanted to show the blankets I made for our future members.

These blankets are simple.  They are made with the half double crochet stitch throughout with the same stitch for the border.  If you would like a tutorial, let me know, I’ll post one.

For the little boy coming soon, his nursery colors are red & black plaid and his animal is a moose.  Oh, that’s soo sweet!! I crocheted his blanket with Redheart Supersaver Crafter’s Secret and With Love using one strand of red, and another of black at the same time.  I used Red as the border.  My crochet hook was 8.0mm or the L Hook and I only use Susan Bates.   It made a faux plaid look I think, without really looking like plaid.

Black and red colors

Full Blanket


This blanket is for our sweet little girl coming into the family.  Her nursery colors are pink & gray and her animal is a pink elephant.

Let me also say I have a tone of yarn and need to use a lot of what I have before buying any more.  My rules, not my husband’s.  He loves it when I shop for yarn, and he loves it when I crochet.  We sit in the living room watching our favorite television shows or movies and I crochet in the meantime.  I made the red & black Monday night, and this one last night.  I used Bernat Baby Blanket, it isn’t the nursery colors but I think it’ll do.  I wanted something that would work up quick but would be warm and this was all the yarn I had left of this brand.

I used the L Hook or 8.0 mm and again the half double crochet stitch throughout including the border.


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