The Best Chicken Salad

5 ingredients is all you’ll need

  • celery
  • pickles
  • green onion
  • mayo
  • shredded chicken

The last couple of weeks I pick one day each week and I bake a whole chicken for dinner.  Along with potato salad, rice, green beans the choices are endless. But I usually do this when it starts to get cooler so the oven helps heating the house.

Cooking a whole chicken is great for Sunday dinner by the way. But once dinner is done, I pick every bit of chicken off the bone that I can and set it aside for chicken salad. I make sandwiches for my husband for work and he loves them!

Dice your favorite pickles.  I use to use pickle relish but I couldn’t get enough pickle flavor, so I began dicing my favorite pickles.  I could make the chunks as big as I wanted and also added a splash of the juice.  Awesome!  Dice up some green onion for that fresh spring flavor and celery as well.

Remember, your taste buds decide how much of each to add.  Trust me on this.  I love lots of pickles, you might like a bit more celery for that crunch effect.

Next add mayo.  Again, you decide how much, you cannot mess this up.  I started with 2 large spoons of mayo.  I did need to add a bit more because not only do I love the taste, but it also binds everything together and I don’t like when it falls apart on my sandwich.  I want enough mayo to hold it all together.

Mix well then have a sandwich, or my favorite, put as much in a bowl that I can stand with some club crackers, and that is it.


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