Book Review: Reviver by Seth Patrick

I checked this book out from my local library.  It was a 13-hour Unabridged Audiobook. narrated by Ari Fliakos and Published by Macmillan Audio.

***Some Spoilers***

I love books with new concepts and this was perfect. This book is the first in a series and I was excited when I found it.

This story is about a Reviver named Jonah Miller.  A Reviver is someone who can bring a person back from death to say goodbye to their family and tell the police who killed them. The victim actually speaks as long as there is no damage to the vocal cords.

The book was very technical and specific in how people are brought back, what the Reviver goes through and even the forensics department that was created for the Revivers.  At first, it seemed tedious but later proved to be necessary.  I enjoyed the stories of the people who were revived and the circumstances in which they died I also enjoyed the politics involved.  There were people who would get a court order to not allow a revival to take place because of their beliefs.  It was very interesting but I wasn’t prepared for the darkness the Author suddenly brought in.  During a revival, the victim can not see, but they can feel everything that happened to them.  During a revival, something spoke to the Reviver and it wasn’t the victim.

I didn’t like the things that happened in the end, it seemed too “World Domination-ish” but I am reading the second book and as I look back, I feel that the Author ended in the best way possible.  I really enjoyed it.

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