Book Review: No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

I purchased this book from Audible.  Narrated by Tom Stechschulte. Unabridged 7 and a half hours.

This book was wonderfully terrible.  Many associate older people with a simpler time, a time where people respected each other to the point they could leave their door unlocked when they left home.  Because really, who would enter someone else’s house without permission?  Where strangers nod to each other as they pass on the street.  Manners and human kindness meant more than a name or name brand on your back.  The title seems to indicate that those times are long gone and the people from those times are no longer welcome and there is a new kind of villain.  A villain with no boundaries and no respect for the living and they act as there are no consequences for their deeds.  I believe this quote in the book says it all;

“They dont have no respect for the law? That aint half of it. They dont even think about the law. It dont seem to even concern em.” – Sheriff Bell, page 216.

Cormac McCarthy writes in such a way he can tell an entire story in a sentence. He is deliberate in the words he chooses.   This book was hard to put down once I began reading it.  It was surprisingly easy to read since there were no semicolons, quotations, or colons  Cormac once said those things made the story too messy.  Although he did periods and a comma here and there.

His words are straightforward which really brings the characters to life.  I saw the movie that included Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss,  an awesome Javier Bardem as Chigurh, and Tommy Lee Jones as Sheriff Bell and a smaller part, Carson Wells played by Woody Harrelson.  Javier Bardem was ruthless and awesome to watch.  I enjoyed how he interacted with the older people like the man at the register at the gas station who called a coin toss for his life without knowing it.  Also, the office manager where Moss lived.  In the movie, she copped an attitude when Chigurh began asking questions about Moss.  The office manager had no idea who she was dealing with and this was not in the book.  Chigurh paid attention to their answers when he asked questions.  It showed they were from different times which was also a nod to the title.

Believable characters, read the book.

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