Healing Stitches

Last night I had a dream there were me and maybe two other people who were with me. I felt like they were friends. I know my husband was one of the people with me the other two were young males. We were in a hardware store there were lots of tools everywhere and different things that you would purchase in a hardware store.

I found a policeman‘s uniform I knew it was a policeman‘s uniform but it didn’t look like a regular policeman‘s uniform. It was navy blue but there were rectangle reflectors at the shoulders not on the shoulders but on the chest area just below the shoulders. And it was one piece like a jumpsuit and the waist was an elastic waist.

I touched the uniform and noticed some of the stitches were coming loose. I heard a commotion behind us and when I turned around the owner of the hardware store was standing in the doorway. He was bald and he was older maybe in his late 60s and a young boy was standing next to him. The store owner put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and hung his head and begin to cry. He looked over at us and the young boy was smiling. The old man hugged the young boy and cried. The young boy had died many years ago when the store owner was young. The policeman‘s uniform had healing powers and had brought the young boy back. I saw other people standing outside, and their loved ones who had passed years ago were walking up to them because they had purchased a policeman‘s uniform. They did not know that it would bring their loved ones back it was just a pleasant surprise. There were many people showing up who had died previously.

After I woke up I didn’t understand the dream I mean it happened so fast, normally I would’ve remembered in the dream that my mom passed away and then I could have brought her back. But during the dream I did not think of my mom once.

Then I woke up

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