Grave Decorating Day Dream

My aunt to Deloise passed away from cancer about eight years ago she was 48.  My grandmother died about a year before her she had cancer is well she was in her early 70s and my mom passed away in 2011 of breast cancer.

In my dream I was in a group of people at an outside church event. I was in a group and people were sitting at tables and making name tags. The grass was bright green and there were tall trees and some of their leaves had changed. The wind was blowing it was a nice day. The tags that we were making seemed different they had metal spikes on each side just stick them in the ground.

Some people had glitter on the name plate, some had tiny Pom-Pom fringe outlining them. Some had fuzzy feathers outlining them. There were many ways to decorate them.  I was told by the facilitator (a lady who attended my church in North Carolina) that these tags would be for graves of our family members. Everyone was so happy it was something that we could do for our family who had passed away. It was something we could do to show them that we still cared about them.

I then realized it was grave decorating day. Now that is not a real holiday or something that we actually do in real life it was just in my dream. So we looked to our left and there was a grave but it was a mound in the size of a person the ground was not flat and it was decorated with shiny green tensile.

The grave that I saw was a mound in the shape of a human with this all over it.

My Aunt Deloise was there and so was my grandmother.   It was like they had never died. And they were making these name tags and grave decorations too.

That was all.

I woke up.

Name Tag Ground Signs

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