I did have a dream last night but the only thing I can remember is dreaming about dark brown cabinets in a dark room, not a kitchen, but they looked like kitchen cabinets. They had a design all the way around each door but there were no handles. I also remember the name Clegg Trey. I don’t know anyone by this name although there was someone I knew with the name Tray with an “a”. I have been giving characters names in my story and changing names as well and that was something I was working on the past couple of days and I keep forgetting that I changed this one character’s name so I keep writing it wrong. But it wasn’t something that was on my mind before I went to bed, or even hours before bed, it was something that I was working on days before and a little yesterday morning. It is amazing how we can dream about something so vividly that is deep in our subconscious.

What I wanted to talk about was one of the many projects I have my hands in besides my book. I have not even began editing so that’s why I haven’t written much about it yet, some things are still moving and changing a little. Which makes me wonder; if the things you write about actually happened would the book be considered a  work of fiction or non-fiction? I guess if it is mostly true it would be non-fiction, which means you’d need to add more fiction elements to make it non fiction.  But how do you even go about doing that? This is one of the many things I am learning along my writing journey.

On with the project I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to crochet a coat for this winter. I am originally from North Carolina and this will be my first winter in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t get really cold in NC, this week there has been almost a 7 to 10 degree difference and it rains more here, I LOVE THE RAIN!!!  So I wanted to make a coat to start wearing in October when I could really start feeling a chill. In NC October is a hot month, and not just hot, but muggy. So I am looking forward to making this. I wanted to do something fairly easy like granny squares


So I found a great pattern on YouTube. This is Annoo Crochet Designs and I think she is my new favorite. I have made 30 of the 47 crochet squares and I’m getting excited.  This yarn is Red Heart Unforgettable and the color is Sunrise.

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