Stealing People in Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I kidnapped someone. But it wasn’t me, I mean everything I saw was through someone else’s eyes. I opened a door and turned on a light. In the middle of this white room was a large Native American person. This person did not look like they were from my tribe, their face was rounder and their skin was a bit darker. But they had the same long black hair that my tribe the Lumbee is known for. Anyway, they were wearing a white t-shirt and jeans but I couldn’t see the person’s feet. All around the room on the floor were little squiggly things that looked like ameba but looked like they were made out of silicone and were about 4 to 5 inches long. They were mainly neon colors like hot pink and neon purple and that ugly yellow neon color and they were all different. These things were spread out on the floor, but they were people.

After opening the door turning on the light and looking around, I closed the door. I was wearing a pair of black leather gloves and a long sleeve shirt.  I felt like I had a black toboggan on my head (that’s what we call it in the South, other people call it a beanie or a hat) and I was wearing black shades with tiny gold trim. I was a white man but you couldn’t see my hair. I didn’t see myself, I just knew and felt that this is what I looked like.

The person in the chair was the person that was kidnapped but they were not restrained in any way.  After closing the door, I opened it up again, that fast. But I believe at least a day had gone by. When I opened the door and turned on the light the person was now a child. A thin little girl with her long black hair in a pony tail with a white short sleeve shirt with multi color polka-dots and pink shorts. In the beginning I didn’t know if this person was a male or female, I just saw them as a person, and still do, but this is clearly a little girl that the Native American turned into. She was also Native American and actually she was the same person. The ameba were now adults standing around.  Adults from all cultures and wore all different clothes like suites, swim suites, t-shirts everything. It was a pretty cool dream.

then I woke up.


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