Dream Shot & The Maze

Last night I had 2 dreams. I do not dream about the things I fall asleep thinking of, instead, if I am actively thinking before I fall asleep, I end up dreaming of things in my subconscious, or things I have seen at some point in my past. Take last night for instance, I went to sleep thinking of what conversation was going to be going on in my book between brothers and wives. But my dream was mainly about shooting. This was my dream:

There was a large white cement building with block windows and doorways. There were no glass in the windows and no doors in the doorways.  We were in Iraq.

This building was a hotel and there was a kitchen on the second floor. My husband and I were on the first floor. My husband was thinner, and had black hair. In real life he is a big bald guy with a beard and an earring.

I left the room, and right outside our doorway was a floating staircase like this:



(Picture from studio-tm.com)

This is exactly how the building and staircase looked. At the bottom step was our doorway on the left and even a window next to the door. I was wearing a floor length black and white dress with black shiny Mary Jane heels. I lifted my dress just above the ankle so I could see my footing as I walked up the stairs. I could hear bullets in the air flying by my feet. In the distance about a mile away there was a man who looked American with a black t-shirt on looking through a scope and shooting at my ankles.  All of a sudden my view was the scope of the rifle like this:


But all I could see was an eye and the man was to the left. (Picture from cracked.com 5 most impossible shots #3)

I was dodging the bullets and almost falling as I began to run to the top of the stairs. At the top of the landing to the right was another building and there were men standing around in white slacks, white dress shirts, black belts and a headdress . (Thank you Pinterest). They were Arabs and I felt that they were bad guys because they were all carrying machine guns on straps across their chest, but they ran to hold my hand as I was stumbling on the stairs. With each step up I thanked them because I could still hear the bullets, but they could not or didn’t care.

When I got to the top the head guy who was not wearing a headdress told me, “don’t say thank you in English, you say ……………”. The word he used started with an “S” but I don’t remember what it was. I smiled and repeated the word to him, to thank him and he just bowed his head like to say your welcome.  I went in the doorway to the left which was the kitchen (like I just disappeared into the dark room) and when I came out I had a green bowl of soup that was on a red wooden tray with a white napkin and a silver spoon on the tray in my hand. I started back down the stairs again lifting my dress just above the ankle so I could see. Again I was stumbling going down because I could hear the bullets in the air. At the bottom left of the stairs were 3 women  wearing Solid black Jilbab dress

but they had a band of coins around their forehead that went under the head piece, so you could only see it in the space above their eyes.


(photo from aliexpress.com) . They were making fun of me for stumbling. When I got to the bottom, I went in the room and everything went dark.

I woke up.

Dream #2

I was in a town that had no busses but I had to travel a distance. I had my big brown bag with me on my shoulder. It was this big, but not this nice.

bag This bag was on Pinterest (Everhandmade.com)

Anyway I was walking. I was trying to get to a woman’s house because she knew how to drive a bus, she had been a bus driver before in another city and I knew where she lived. She still lived with her parents. The woman in my dream who drove the bus was


Gillian Anderson. She wore a faded pink sweatshirt and faded jeans with keds and no socks.  (I haven’t seen her in years. I know she was on X-files and I loved that show but I haven’t seen her since then) and I didn’t see her until the end of my dream.

(In real life, when we were kids, we use to walk through the woods behind our house to our grandparents house.  It was my father’s parents house. It took about 30 minutes and it was an adventure for us, there were over grown trails, fallen trees. It was scary but exciting)

I had this bag and I walked through the woods to get to this drivers house. At a certain point the overgrown path lead to a building. It was abandoned, and trees were overgrown. It looked like a building that would be left after the zombie apocalypse. I could not go around this building I had to go through it. Once inside, the hallways were narrow and made of glass. On the left and right it was places for animals. It seemed to be a large kennel, for very large animals, although I don’t know what kind because it was empty but there were trails of kitty litter all the way down the walls from one end of the building to the other. I got through the building and was in the forest again. Still the trail was overgrown. Then suddenly it stopped and I was on a dirt road. (In real life this road was familiar. It was the road to my grandparents house, but the grandparents on my mom’s side)

I walked the dirt road to the house. The bus driver wasn’t there, but she lived with her parents were. I wrote a note and was going to leave it on the door because the house looked like no one was home. There were all kinds of little nick nacks hanging around outside the house and hanging plants as well. There was a long dirty white porch on the front of the house.  The mother let me in and I sat with her and the bus driver’s father and we visited and talked. Afterward I left and went back the way I came. I entered into the forest and came upon the abandoning building and went in. All the litter had been tuned up, like someone had been looking for something. I heard the sound of a monster… or what sounded like one and I began to run. I ran through the maze in the building and I came out near where my parent’s house is, in the dream It was my house. As I walked out of the woods, I was at the main street in town. The bus that was nonexistent stopped for me and it was Gillian Andersen to pick me up. I got on the bus which was a school bus, and sat behind her. As she drove I began to tell her that I visited with her parents and she began to cry because she had not seen them in years. She missed my stop and let me off about a mile from my house. Then I woke up

That was it.


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